Assessment (includes both initial and review assessments): £70 per hour.

Due to the individual nature of the care I provide, the price for an assessment will vary and will be agreed based on the time it takes to complete. An assessment session itself will usually take 1-2 hours and includes assessment, observation and information gathering from parents, carers and professionals. Following the session, I will analyse findings and  a full report  can be written with recommendations, advice and strategies.

Reports: £ 70 per hour (calculated based on time taken to complete)


Programmes:  £70 per hour (calculated based on time taken to complete)

A programme usually includes targets and an activity sheet with resources and will be tailored to the needs of your child.


Therapy Session: £70 an hour This includes preparation for the session and writing up after the session.


Observations: £70 an hour


Meetings: £70 an hour


I will not usually charge for short phone calls, emails and correspondence about your child.

For journeys over 10 miles from my base (Hassocks, West Sussex), I charge £2 per mile for every mile incurred over this distance.